Lincoln VS Everlast help

I have a chance to get a deal on a Lincoln Tomahak 625.

I am also considering Everlast 62i

Looking for reviews from people who have the machines to help me decide. Pros and Cons of each. I mainly cut 12 and 14 gage with occasional 1/4in. Currently using a Thermal Dynamics Cutmaster 42. So this helps up my duty cycle and allows me to do 3/4 in future if the occasion arises.

My Tomahawk 625 has worked well for me except for two aspects: (1. The duty cycle of 3½ minutes cutting out of every 10 means that I have to watch my jobs with a stop watch and pause the job before I run into that limit, then wait for cooling and (2. The programmed in delays are a problem that has to be worked around or you’ll have big pierce holes.

At times I think that I’ll devote the Lincoln to general shop cutting and buy something else with a higher duty cycle for the CNC, but I never seem to pull the trigger and I continue using the Lincoln with good results.

The most frustrating aspect of it is the lack of cutting parameters from Lincoln. I wasted a lot of steel sheet because I had nothing to go by in the beginning. I did finally get some settings from Torchmate and I use the forum generated Razorweld spreadsheet in conjunction with them and that seems to be working well.

Lincoln Tomahawk 625 Cut Chart.pdf (91.7 KB)

Get the Everlast 62i CNC kit its a good plasma cutter and will serve you well.

I would also look into the Primeweld Cut 60.

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That would be at 40 amps no? If I read this right I’d be in the 100-60% duty cycle range for 80% of what I cut.

I have the 62i along with the Pro table…it has never given me problems …except for user error…
if you are looking at cutting thicker metals it is a power horse…
I ran a continuous 20 minute cut on 11ga making a firepit…no problems…
but you need to ensure you have clean dry air…and buy the proper tips…do not buy knock off…

if you are cutting thinner you might want to step down to the 52i

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Yes that’s right.

FWIW, I’ve found that cutting 14 ga at 30-33A, .08" torch height, 80 ipm, 75 psi produces really nice cuts with minimal slag using my Tomahawk 625.

We went through an 82i, horrible experience 100% recommend against. We needed some technical support on what I suspect was a lazy air solenoid (still an issue with Everlast). It was like pulling teeth to get them to support their product, I had their weld rep cursing at me before he finally relented and gave us a test procedure to verify the solenoid issue (which he swore up and down was not the issue… it was btw). They explicitly don’t want to serve anyone with a Langmuir table, they say that too many Langmuir customers have issues with their power supplies. Never mind the fact that people with an STV or better in their budget can usually afford nicer power supplies so Langmuir customers is their target whether they admit it or not…

Anyway, I wouldn’t touch an Everlast again myself, we sold ours and haven’t looked back. Lots of guys (who have offered their opinions already) have great luck with them so I know my experience isn’t the rule but my guess is that the Tomahawk will be more versatile and better supported in the event you need help with troubleshooting and/or maintenance. Think taking it down to a local place for repairs vs. sending it off to George (the only guy I know of who works on Everlasts)

My $0.02