Lincoln tomahawk 1000

Looking for wiring instructions for the tomahawk 1000 plasma cutter

I have the Tomahawk 625 so I’m sure if they are the same but mine has 5 pins and when I did the test I ended up with two different sets of pins that had continuity when I squeezed the trigger. I ended up using the pins at 1 o’clock and 4 o’clock when looking at the plug, which are the wires closet to you when you open the box. The other pins that had continuity with trigger pressed were 11 o’clock and 1 o’clock. Whats weird is it would not work yesterday but after testing all the tests in the trouble shooter I tried it one more time this morning and it cuts fine today, might have been a loose wire ???

Thanks for the info. Still waiting on my table, but will try it when I get the table.

Did you get your table and get a tomahawk 1000 wired up for it?

Have my table but still trying to work out the bugs. I had ordered a machine torch and can’t get it to work, hand held torch that came with cutter works. Ended up sending torch back to manufacturer, they have had it 2 weeks and can’t get any info from them on status of repair. Ready to ask for refund on torch got from company call Plasmadyn. Lincoln Tomahawk 1000 seems like a great plasma cutter, it is supposed to cut up 1" material

Hello there. Just checking to see if you were able to make your Tomahawk to work. I just got mine going yesterday. Its cutting very well but I have a couple things that seem to need a little tweaking.
The main thing is it cuts at a height that is not in the program about 1/4 inch from the plate.