Lincoln Pro-cut 55

Hi everyone
I’m new to the Cnc plasma table.
Just purchased the crossfire pro with the limit control and THC. My plasma cutter is a Lincoln pro cut 55 and was wonder if anyone else is using the same machine or is there anything I should be aware of. I haven’t received the unit yet

@Cpracing Welcome to the forum.

Ive seen the Pro cut 25 mentioned on the forum but not the 55.

Some interesting consumables with that unit.

The nozzle and swirl ( ring ) is one piece?

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Welcome to the forum!

You may already know this, but the good news is it’s on the Crossfire “compatible cutters” list, so that’s a good start.

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Welcome to the forum!
No doubt your involvement on the forum will make us more aware of this plasma cutter.
Just checking around some of the internet it seems that most people are happy with how it cuts:

But, the ones that complained pointed to moisture in the air being a real problem with this unit. I will point out that is not unique to this particular machine so you are in good company. It just means that you really need to plan to have a robust air drying routine to get the best results.

Question for you: Your name indicates some sort of “racing”…what do you race?

Now we know why he needs a LS system

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Are you in Greece???

I had a procut 55 many years ago, but sold it to a friend after I got a hypertherm 65. The consumables on the hypertherm last so much longer I couldn’t believe it, like 5 times the life. Given the expense in consumables it’s almost worth the upgrade just for that!

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