Lincoln Electric Tomahawk 375 Air

Hi. My Crossfire is assembled, Mach3 and Fusion360 on the PC but now I need to connect my plasma cutter. Oh boy, my Lincoln Electric Tomahawk 375 Air is open and quite honestly I don’t know where to start! Anyone has done it before on that machine? Thanks, Yvan

I have a machine torch with the trigger wires out of it if you are interested.
If you are using a hand torch check out this video I made

Keep in mind I made this as a general. I don’t know if the lincoln has a safety circuit on it like hypertherm does. I don’t think so but i’m not 100% certain

Thanks. I was able to find the proper wire this morning. Will do my first test later today.
Sharing the information: proper wires are grey and brown. They come out of the big black wire going in the torch.