Limits of free sheetcam? Solved, NOT sheetcam issue!

I know about line limit or size. Is there a function limit? I am trying to figure out what I am doing wrong, I import dxf, assign operations, pick inside/outside and lead in…been using lead in arc @.075
The tool path looks good, it shows lead in and correct offset BUT when it cuts it doesnt use leadin, it shows it in crossfire window.
Just trying to get rid of pierce marks, hope to buy sheetcam this weekend

Just a guess, but maybe the pierce timing / delay is too short and torch is actually moving during the leadin without a full arc? I’d try increasing the pierce delay and see if same results. The demo does cut off at 500 lines (I think??)…but other than that, it’s fully functional and should do the lead in.

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I am still using the .5 which seems like forever, I am going to check my slugs tonight and verify if it is the lead in or if it is where there is not lead out and it leaves the marks at end of each cut

I will post tomorrow, cut out a hibachi type grill…cooks great.
BUT…it showed lots of flaws, not sure what issue is, I saved to thumb drive to take to work. I definitely need to find my issue…brain warp.
My worst fear is my cadd/cam program is converting to dxf and corrupting file. Never been an issue mc8+ to/from dxf, have not tried mc14+ though.

Use all the time on fanuc edms, haas mills/lathes and kia lathe/mills…frustrating :beers: going to drink a beer and eat pizza :blush:

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Went and upgraded sheetcam about 10 mins ago, need to make a pc of yard art tonight to take to my buddy in the morning, so Offsets looked good .Tap looked good math wise.
So once thunders storms move out I will head out in waders and see. Will also cut previous .tap that had issues, still curious…chow ya’ll

So even tried .2 pierce delay…problem solved!!!

I did some pierce then 1/2 inch lines and found my problem!

My kerf is about .060 BUT my pierce at .5 delay is almost .100, tried .2 delay and it is about .092 diameter (actual “marked/damaged surface” material is about .125 diameter)

So unless I can have a lead in of atleast about .070 I will show pierce marks period. We dont have fine tips for razor weld, 35 amps is better than 45.

So my art stuff will need to be big enough to handle a pirce/lead in of about .07.

@James5 @brownfox


Or you can pierce in place, if that’s an option with FireControl.

In my case, CF 2x2 with DIY Z & THC, before a cut, I set the pierce height to a reasonable value like 0.150". Then I turn on the torch and do a G1 Z0.063 (the cut height) with an F speed that consumes the pierce delay (depends on material, thickness, etc, etc) but doesn’t move in X or Y. Only when that time is expired, I make my lead in move and then on to the end of the segment, all at the proper Z cutting height and, after a brief delay, under THC control.

You don’t need a long lead in for pierce delay, the lead in should be thought of as a ramp up to cut speed distance.

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Spot on. That’s why right angle leads are less effective - slows the torch as it enters the cut path.

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I am using the longer lead in to pierce further away so I dont mark material with over burn, great leadin angle tip, I have been using arc and tangent with good results.

Thanks everyone for pointers.


Hi, so as to the line limit count their website says about 180 lines. I’m still trying to figure everything out I have written 2 small simple programs maybe 180 lines combined and ran them everything good except for the pierce showing in the finished piece. figured I would work that out as I progressed. went to write a third program and I get the alarm when trying to run the post evaluation limit reached post processing failed. So my question is did my third program exceed the 180 line limit and it wont post or did my previous 2 programs come close to 180 and I’m out of lines. Is that count cumulative or does it reset with every program. Also how does everyone like this software ?? ya or nay? trying to decide weather to purchase or not.

Thanks for the help.

Buy it! You wont be sorry. Once you learn it the nesting ability will save you the cost in lost scraps of wasted space. Full features when purchased. My last cut was 5400 lines of code, which really isn’t much. But have seen cut files that are 25000 lines or more. Sheetcam should handle a large file…