Limit switch problems

first of all the instructions are fairly simple and the concept straight forward so i do not believe there is an error on my part. i have installed the switches and followed the instructions to the letter on my crossfire pro. here is my problem. after homing and finding soft limits, upon entry of said soft limits and hitting save the machine work area shows the machine at 0,0,0 when in fact it is at the soft limit. so i am not able to jog at all because the machine thinks it is at 0,0,0 and outside the limit area. if i turn limits off back machine out from soft limits and re enable they do not work because again when i turned soft limits on with the machine in the front right corner it thought it was at 0,0,0. outside of the instructions if i home the machine again and try to input values they will not work because the machine will not seem to home to the same spot twice…very frustrating any suggestions would be appreciated.

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I too am having some very frustrating times. When I first installed everything, the machine was moving in the wrong X direction when homing. I then realized that I had it set to work vs machine.

Today, I had an entirely different issue: Homing worked fine. I set up my work space zeroed area and the work origin at the right point. As soon as I hit the run button, the torch would move to the starting burn and throw an error “hard stop alarm” with FireControl. I fussed with that for over 30 minutes and could not figure out how to clear the alarm. I finally turned off the limit switch option in the menu and cut in usual manner. When I was all done, I turned the limit switch option back on and “home’d” without issues.

I am looking forward to seeing a bit more robust trouble shooting section. Maybe your thread will lead to that. Thank you for posting.

Note: I apologize in advance as I am not entirely clear on how to describe my problem. It sure was a bad experience with the new limit switch when generally I have been feeling pretty confident in figuring out my other issues I have had.

There was some discussion in another thread about problems with a limit alarm when the torch fired. Langmuir made some changes to the firmware to fix the issue. The firmware number didn’t change, but you should re install the 1.3 firmware to get the updated version.


It is the newest version, just downloaded yesterday.

Thank you. I will try that.
Update: I tried it. AND…it worked! Thank you, again.

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I don’t know if it is of any value to you but my first project after the update still would not allow me to move due to the limit restraints. After FireControl restarted, I tried again. Same thing but then I found the if I homed it, the torch was moved to 0,0. From that point, it allowed me to move where ever I wanted as long as it was within the soft limits. If it ever had any hiccups after that, I would make sure that I set my program origin and work zero to the same location and it frees up the movement. I was then able to run a cut without turning off the limit switches for the first time (about 30 minutes ago).

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