Limit switch inverts Y axis

Hello all, I have a crossfire 2x2, all available add ons.

I put on limit switches, now Y axis moves forward with - not +.

How can I fix that?

Hey Jjfablab, I was also confused after installing the limit switches on my crossfire. However, it all works correctly and easily in the end. Here is what I learned:

  • I’m assuming you set your work zero to the bottom left corner in your software that generates your gcode, for example in sheet cam. You can continue to set the work zero as you did previously. That workflow prior to Firecontrol does not need to change in any way.
  • Here are the sequence of steps in Firecontrol after installing the limit switches:
    • Home machine using home button
    • Load gcode (as usual). At this point you will see an error about being outside the bounds, don’t worry about that, we fix this error in the next step.
    • Click “set program origin” button and select the top left corner. This reorients your origin from the bottom left corner (as specified in your gcode) to the top left corner where your machine has physically homed.
    • Perform a dry run or cut as usual…
    • Drink a beer and watch as machine cuts beautifully
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Best advice I’ve heard in a LONG time! Cheers! :beers:

I don’t disagree with your steps but I found that I do follow the step to “home” then if I want to cut from the bottom left I trolley on down there. Set the work space to zeros and the program origin to lower left and that seems to work as well. They just need to agree.

This might also be a source of the problem as a kind “soul” (get it) helped me out:
Posted by @ds690
ds690There was some discussion in another thread about problems with a limit alarm when the torch fired. Langmuir made some changes to the firmware to fix the issue. The firmware number didn’t change, but you should re install the 1.3 firmware to get the updated version.

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Thank you!