Limit switch homing issue

Hi everyone I just got my crossfire pro all set up with the limit switch kit and I updated the firmware to 1.3ls, reset to factory defaults, closed the fire control software, and restarted it and when I toggle on the limit switch control and click the machine (home) button while on the machine tab it rams the (y or x depending which is closer) limit switch and keeps trying to move unless I manually cancel the homing operation and once canceled there is a warning that the limit switch was tripped but it didn’t cut off the movement. Both limit switches do appear to be working when I manually jog the machine into them they cut off the movement and the warning appears. I’m wondering if anyone’s experienced this issue or has a fix for it. I haven’t set up any soft or hard limits and they are disabled as of now until I can get the machine homed. Any advice would be greatly appreciated!

Leave them disabled. Table works perfectly without them. Again this is just my two cents… Just search limit switch issues. Page after page. :grin:

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Have you upgraded your Firecontrol to v21.1.5? That is also a required update per Langmuir. I am new as well and don’t have much run time to go on (take for what it’s worth), but I just went through the table build, limit switch install and THC about a month ago. So far, I have had no issues but I am going to knock on wood now just in case… :joy:

In addition to Firecontrol software upgrade (unless you already upgraded) I would crack the case open (if you haven’t already) and go through to double check the install step by step. If you have done everything that Langmuir advises to do in the install manual, I would take it up with them as they seem to stand behind their product.

It’s really weird that the limit switches will activate when manually jogging, but not when homing. I really don’t want to speculate, but kinda makes me think a software vs hardware issue. Hopefully you can work your way though the issue. As long as their properly functioning I like the idea of limit switches, as it’s one less thing that I have to keep an eye on. One thing to note (for when/if you get them functioning) is that it makes them a lot easier to use if you home your machine before powering off. This is the position that the machine thinks it is in when you power it up, as it has no memory of it’s location prior to powering down the machine last time used. Assuming your soft fence is set, you will already be oriented and ready to cut.

Did you go to menu and type in travel dimensions for table and in your cam program?

I just checked and my firecontrol firmware is up to date at v21.1.5 it must be a software/hardware issue somehow. I also just checked and I do have everything properly installed which makes sense since it worked when I manually jog it into them getting a warning and killing movement. Seems to me like it might be a firecontrol issue during the homing sequence because the warning does appear in the background once I close out of the canceled home run but the warning doesn’t seem to be affecting the homing movement for some reason. Also I haven’t set any limits yet since I haven’t completed the first home to zero the x,y per the instructions do you think I should enable the soft limits in the menu tab and try homing it or would this be a bad idea since it’s not zeroed in the home position?

Not to say that it would help, but maybe try uninstalling/reinstalling Firecontrol?

I am using my Mac to control it but I also have a cheap windows laptop that I had to install firecontrol on to update the machine but the issue is occurring on both platforms… there’s probably not a fix for it unless there’s a new update I’m guessing

Certainly strange, but a variety of variables. For my table/Firecontrol computer I’m running a $100 refurb’d HP mini PC that I picked up off of Amazon shortly after getting into the table assembly… Nothing special on my end. With two computers having the same issue, maybe the firmware didn’t properly update or there is a harware issue of some sorts. I’d get with Langmuir if all else fails.