Light display on the torch

After 5 weeks I’m still in the process of setting up my table. I’m not a fan of the front shroud and lights on the Z axis. I’m thinking of just ditching it. For those using it, do you actually find any usefulness of the lights other than looking cool?

Taking it off with the attached/captive wire is a PITA unless I’m missing something. We do need to service the torch from time to time. I would have preferred a separate status light.

Im not a fan either, water still gets up under there so no real purpose for it, its pretty cumbersome. I remove and clean my consumables several times a day. I was thinking about making a bracket and using the light (I think it comes apart) and mounting the light somewhere else.

It’s certainly gets in the way for me as well. Cool and adds a bit of sleekness to it, but does get in the way. I cut an 8 foot section 3 inch sq tube today for shoots and giggles but I noticed the shroud would limit anything much bigger with it on. 4 inch seems like it would fit but I would have to measure

Edit to add for clarification that the tube was cut with slats removed.

I just like to really see the tip as its cutting, sometimes you can get a piece of slag that sticks to bottom and won’t let it set the IHC properly, so thats really why I don’t run a silicone cover on the torch. Im on day 2 cutting with this and its def harder to get my hand up there to take off the consumables. Its not a huge issue like the computer stand but I think we’ll see some guys do a mod on this.

I don’t see any reason why you couldnt dremel off a large portion of the bottom that blocks direct access to consumables for easier changing. Might do it myself……

Something like this maybe. Leave enough meat for the bottom mounting screw. And that area gives kind of a natural cut/reference line that wouldn’t be obvious it was modified from the casual observer

Yah that would work also, be the first! That plastic is hard, I had to trim some bc my machine torch still has the linear rails on it and it was hitting the cover. I however like to oil my Z axis atleast once or twice a day, so for me the cover will be gone soon enough. I like the light though. Its not bad for light use but hours of back to back cutting, every little thing counts.

I have finished setting up my machine and decided not to use it. I have made a new Z cover the will keep 99% of the water off the Z rails and screw. I may incorporate the lights into the design if I find time but for now the cover will just stay in a box under the table.

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