Letters cut in wrong places

i have cut this sign several times now and I have had multiple issues. i thought i had everything fixed and then it tried cutting two letters onto of each other and before this section of the sign came out fine. it also spaced the year out for some reason.

I take it your Drawing does not reflect what was cut?
First off everyone will need more info
What CAD program are you using?
Did you look at your tool paths in cam?
upload the files so people can look at it?
Sounds like a software problem, so you might want to move this to the appropriate category

I use fusion 360, but i will try and move this to the software section and post all the details.

Post your info and let’s if we can get this figured out.
Make sure you up load your f3d file from fusion

I believe you’re losing steps with something unrelated to the g code.

It might not be a software issue. Does it do it with other files?

I was trying to beat you​:joy::rofl:

Is your sheet moving on the table?


Mcclung farm forum edit v2 v1.f3d (3.3 MB)

I have not had this issue with other files, but this is the most complex design I’ve cut so far.