Less than 500 Line project file

Can anyone recommend/share an easy less than 500 line (no license yet) project file to test out the new cnc this weekend? it’s almost done being built and will be ready before we have license and we want to start working the kinks out - thx!

I can not recommend one. But i absolutely love your question. What does a 500 line project look like?

I have seen my gcode and it does not seem like its that big, even for some decent sized designs.
It seems to make a new line for every change in direction.

I ordered the full licence because i cant stand limitation, but what is possible with 500?

I dont know how to look at how long a Gcode is even I got the license at the start. Wonder about a square?

Simple geometrics would certainly fit. Circles, squares, etc. Even some text (single letters). Direction and speed changes all cause the line count to go up as does the number of elements. But it can be deceptive - a circle looks straightforward except it may have a boatload of segments for direction changes in the actual commands.

Easy enough to gen something simple up, but @langmuir-daniel might have a test project they created that’s more interesting than a square or two.

Pretty I ran this tab that someone out in Fileshare on trial Mach3 before upgrading

Sweet I’ll look for that one. Hoping to do a test run tomorrow!