Leg kit arrived, one weld block assembled

This thing is a beast, can’t imagine assembling multiple together! Now to get some more fixture clamps…


nice set-up…love the racking system…cafeteria tray holder…or bakery tray holder…got one also for rusting parts outside…
extremely jealous of the table…I want one…but they do not ship to canada yet…and I can not ship it to the border to pick it up…dam virus!!!

Thanks! I needed a way to keep all the projects separated (personal, diff customers, or stages of processing). Seems like the baking trays will work well. Ugh, I feel you there.

Yes it is. But wicked cool. I would love a shop with a set of maybe four of these but I don’t have room. (I really don’t have room for the one yet but it’s all about priorities :slight_smile: so I’m making do)

I got mine with their leveling feet but I went with casters since I don’t have room to leave it where it’s easiest to use it - I have to roll it back against the wall and pull it out when I want to weld something.

Which did you use - same as for the Crossfire? I might need to do that at some point.

Looks great. You’ve got the same welder as me as well. I’ve had it for a year and put it through its paces and am very impressed with it.

My two blocks should be showing up on Tuesday.
My current fab table is an extremely sturdy/heavy base I built
with a 7/8" thick 3’x5’ aluminum plate on it.
My plan is to remove the plate and put both blocks on the frame
with a 1’ gap between them.
Also considering putting one block on linear rails
so that I can dynamically adjust the size of the table depending on project.

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Got some gifts from UPS today. Just need the precision bolt kit now so I can join the two tables together. Cant wait. Hopefully will get that in a few days :slight_smile:

Fortunately UPS treated the table tops pretty well just the corner of one box a bit ripped.

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I’m waiting on my bolt kit too.

I am waiting for the borders to open so I can get one sent to NY so I can go pick it up…they do not ship this to Canada yet…

Couldn’t wait for the bolt kit to arrive. Used standard 1/2” hardware for now to secure the two tables. Super impressed with this table so far. Definitely a bit of a challenge to assemble with only 1 person due to the weight. Had to use my engine hoist to get it on all fours:)



I’m off this week so I may do the same.