Leg Hole Alignment Issues

The holes for attaching the legs to the table are severely out of alignment. Enough so that the bolts won’t go through at any angle. We don’t want to force the bolts and risk bending things upon tightening. We are also hesitant to drill anything out. Are we doing something wrong or do these parts appear to be out of spec?

Hi, are all of the frame bolts loose in that area? Try loosening them to the point that all of the bolts go in.

We’ll try this and report back

Ok, thanks. Please rest assured that if one of the tubes has mis punched holes we will replace it free of charge.

This didn’t seem to make enough room.

All 4 legs seem to have the same fitment issues. What do you need from us? Order #?

I just got my machine today, and have the exact same issue… what is the solution? Thanks!


i The issue is that our supplier inadvertently ordered 2” material when they were supposed to order 50mm material for the leg tubes. Only portion of our very recent customers are affected. We are sending undersize fasteners to all customers that encounter this issue. Please send an email to support@langmuirsystems.com and they will send you the repair kit right away!

I emailed you guys at the above link and it kicked it back as domain not found. I am unfortunately suffering from the same issue. Mine had the two smaller holes drilled off center maybe a shade more than 1/8".

Sorry there was a typo in the email, should be good now.

Thanks for the quick response, Daniel! I’ve sent an email with my order number and shipping address. Thanks!


What’s in the hardware pack?

Its a set of 5/16 bolts, washers, and nuts that replace the 3/8 hardware. We made this change in production about a week ago so all machines are supplied with 5/16 hardware for the legs now.

What lengths is needed? I will purchase them myself.

They are 4.5 inches long.

Thank you very much. Ill grab some tonight.

rather than using smaller bolts to fit through the offset holes, has the supplier or manufacturer ordered the right size tubing for the Pro tables due in April 2020? Would like it to be as originally engineered with 3/8 bolts.

The post you’re responding to is nearly a year old and applies to the Original Crossfire tables. Crossfire Pros are not involved. In fact none of last year’s shipments of Original or XL tables after May were affected either.