Leg Dimensions Needed

Greetings all. I’m awaiting arrival of my Pro. In the meantime, I would like to build a cart to set the unit into. (This way I can add casters and have a built-in moving shelf to go with the unit. Langmuir gave me the specs of 62-3/4" x 29-1/8" as the outside-to-outside dimensions of the legs. Can someone that owns a Crossfire Pro please confirm these dimensions? Many thanks!

Pulled this off their site. I’m wanting to do the same idea for mine. The 62.75 seems way off from this drawing. Nearly 7” difference. I’m curious to what the measurements are myself.


Could they have given you the water table dimensions in error… Just a thought. I don’t own a PRO… Yet… LOL

The dimensions shown in this line drawing do not show the outside-to-outside dimensions of the legs. 69.5" x 54.2" is the total footprint, measurements taken from the farthest-reaching components that extend past the frame of the machine. This is most easily seen on the 54.2" dimension of the line drawing, where the Y-axis gantry tube extends very far past the back leg, near the cable support tube.

I just re-measured the outside-to-outside dimensions of the legs on the PRO machine that lives in the Langmuir Systems warehouse, and can confirm the dimensions of roughly 62.75" x 29.125"


Awesome. Thanks for the info. I could see the 54.2 being the footprint but the 69.5 was kind of deceiving. Again thanks for the conformation!!!

Many thanks!

Would anyone be able to give the floor to frame bottom measurement?

24-1/2" Floor to Frame. The Feet I got with mine added another 1-1/2".

Thank you, I appreciate that.

Could someone please pass the outside dimensions of the crossfire pro leg supports, have not received crossfire pro and prepping for its arrival, I think from reading others use of casters, it might be an even 2"x2" outside


Yes the legs are 2x2 inches outside, .08 wall thickness.

Thank You!