Left Y Axis stiff compared to right side

I’m assembling my Y axis shafts and when I want to position the gantry to the end of the table I’m getting a lot of resistance from the left side of the Y axis, anyone run into this?

what table you have.

I have the XR.

make sure table is square and the distance on the Y axis rails are same measurement from table frame from end to end. Recheck the preloads on Y axis bearings.

Checked, im squared up and everything, do you think it might be the felt or the ball skrew? im getting a lot of resistance there.

You will have some with felt not excessive though. you might have to realign your Y axis ball screw, if off it will bind at either end. Make sure to soak the felt washers in oil and fill the ball nuts with oil, I used Lukus engine oil additive thick as honey. Don’t overtighten felt plate.

Earlier reply I meant (V rollers on Y axis carriage) not bearings.

realign both sides? Or based off the opposite end?

Loosen screw at each end, loosen big nuts the ball screw will move if it is cause of the bind. Just left side to see if it is the problem.

So i removed the ball screw from the left side and its very easy for me to move the gantry. Im going to set the Gantry to the front of the table and repeat the step.

I did get a replacement ball screw fyi, would that have anything to do with this?

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sorry had some things to finish up. Why a replacement ball screw?

@rat196426 I meant ballscrew assembly, the balls from the bearing fell out. Also i re-did the steps and now both sides are really tight, is that how its supposed to be?

What is tight? If you mean you can no longer push gantry with ease after installing the ball screws, then yes it will be tight.

Yep both sides i can no longer push the gantry with ease, thanks for helping me out on this.

No problem. Once the ball screws and ballnuts are installed almost impossible to pull back by hand. Make sure you follow and check your adjustments on aligning ball screws and all bearing adjustments as you assemble. I have over 200 hours on my XR now, trouble free.