Leaving connection tabs on metal work (Solved: Tabs checked in CAM accidentally)

After 6 months of perfect use The XR wires broke in the z-axis right at the crimped terminal. I guess after 18,000 pierces the wire just wore out. This caused the x-axis to run off and crash for unknown reasons. Well I fixed the wire in the z-axis I guess this is used for the THC.
The Problem now is I have connection tabs on all my work. Its not in the consumables. I have changed everything in the torch head. I have messed with pierce delay no changes. I have adjusted torch height and that just made it cut worst as expected. Its not in the plasma cutter (razor weld 45) Something else is wrong it leave a triangle connection tab on all pieces. Cutting 3/16 and 1/4 inch metal. Willing to Zelle anyone for their time on what the fix maybe. I don’t care what parts need to be ordered. I just want this solved its been frustrating I can’t figure this out.

What cam software you are using?

I use sheetcam

What are your settings and have you confirmed your actual cut height? To confirm the actual cut height you need to stop the cut process of FireControl by pressing the space bar while it is cutting. Then measure the stand off distance between the torch and the metal.

There is no evidence of a lead-in/lead-out: Is that by design?

Please post screen grabs of the SheetCAM toolpath and then the actual cut metal from the attempt to cut the metal. Try to orient the pictures in the same direction.
Since you have already posted the cut metal, can we see how the toolpaths look in SheetCAM?

I am not saying this is what is happening but if I wanted to create this cutting mistake I would do the following:

  1. Set cut height more than 0.03 inches too high, and
  2. Set the pierce delay too short (perhaps there is too much resistance in the system with the wire connections which has increased the need of a longer pause, more than considered possible.)
  3. Set lead-in too fast or too short.
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I dont know why i didnt think of stopping the torch and measuring torch height. It was staring directly in front of me. Thanks i will check that.

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Make sure you didn’t check (leave tab) box in sheet Cam, in doing so this will leave tab to hold parts together (not finish cut) .


This was the issue. I have never been to that setting. I had to google just to get there. Thanks for your help and time.