Learning this software

hey everyone. I have some questions. I uploaded a part, and duplicated it to nest. When in nesting mode, i can see the tool paths. When I click the show tool path button, i no longer can see the tool path, and they change to white and orange in color. Is that normal? I made some path rules, and was hoping to see them turn blue to verify, but I dont. Also, I am watching the arclight video’s, and he shows making the path rules, and messes with the THC. I dont have that option. Is that normal for our post processor? I’ll attatch some screenshots of what im talking about with the tool path button vs nesting.

Blue lines are rapid movements between cut loops.

Never add any THC path rules with Firecontrol. It only causes problems. Firecontrol automatically turns off the THC when the torch speed drops below 85% of the program speed. If you set a path rule to slow down for holes and corners, it will shut off the THC on those slowed down sections, providing the slowdown is less than 85% of the program speed.

It’s normal for the nested parts to be orange and white with the “show tool paths” tool selected. Originals are orange and the duplicates are white. If you click on one of the parts in the parts list on the left, it should show the tool paths for that part.


If I click on the part in the parts list, the original will show the tool path, but when I click on the individual duplicates, they are still just white. I know there is a tool path to them, because if I simulate, the tool will cut them all out.

Nested parts act like that. I don’t have my computer with me to tell you exactly how to see the tool path. But you should be able to click on the duplicates name in the upper left corner.

You also may need to leave nesting or edit contour mode as well.

That’s normal. Only the original will show the tool paths. Duplicates will share the same toolpath, but it doesn’t show.

gotcha. Thank you.