Learning Fusion

I hope I am not the only one here who is not getting it totally. I have watched a ton of videos but nothing on a simple to follow Plasma start finish. Lars Christison Is too smart for me and there are not that many videos on CNC PLASMA… Drawing 2d in fusion is not my problem because you can find a video on what you want for the most part. How many anticipating table delivery and couldn’t go from simple drawing to cut project out. Here Is what “I” and hopefully others to chime in on this Langmuir Video production. The videos have been outstanding by the way!

  1. Draw a rectangle with a big hole centered and 4 corner holes.
  2. Show how to create several (flanges)on the 2x2 table.(Nesting)
  3. Proper way to save the drawing in Fusion
  4. Create cam and saving procedures.
    5 Creating a file for Mach 3
    6 File to Mach 3 loading G-code.
  5. Don’t have to actually cut this out but possibly simulate with a test run.
    Batch 2 people please give Langmuir a shout out for support of this request…
    Thank you in advance!!
    Then possibly a video on cutting a bigger item than 2x2…

You have to do an index cut to do a bigger part than 2x2. Some people have done it but it’s not easy. I haven’t tried it in the 5 years of owning my table because why would I want to waste all that time cutting, then indexing and then messing up a larger piece of material.
I can tell you that I’ve had to rezero my part a few times due to binding or some other issue and getting that close is either hit or miss.

also you do not need to make a extrusion in order to use the cam side of fusion 360 it will tool path the sketched geometry. Also to remove the constraints just click on the constraint icon in the sketch window and press your delete key you can re constrain them anytime.

And unfortunately fusion doesn’t offer an automatic nesting feature just yet… so you will have to manually do that