Learning 3D printing

I like the multi-head idea.

And a larger size: Bigger… :wink:…well, you know what I was going to say. :face_with_open_eyes_and_hand_over_mouth:

On second thought: I am still paying for my X1C with the trip to Belize and a road trip planned later this summer. :man_facepalming:

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Did you watch this video a few months ago? He mentions that Bambu didn’t just want to make a bigger X1C but get through the mini and A1 then take new knowledge to design a bigger machine.

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CMYK!!!. Enough of the multi head. CMYK Printer!

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I have been messing around with a few new versions of the XR replacement LED circuit board enclosure.

I have another all clear version in the oven right now


I am liking this design the gyroid style infill diffuses the light quite nicely.




This is a cool 3D printed 3D mouse product. I ve anyways wanted a 3D mouse and now I have the opportunity to spend more time and money then it would cost to buy one building one. :joy:

Check this project out.


This is the retail version being copied

3DConnexion 3DX-700059 Spacemouse Compact 3D Mouse Amazon.ca

Maybe a group build could bring down the price considering a lot of the components come in larger packs of pieces.


The YouTube link is awesome thanks @Sticks the original version pictured in the YouTube video is also available in the printables link I posted above


:thinking:I need a 3d printing lathe to churn out some STUB ACME threads

Look into re:3D down in south Houston. Been developing/building big meterXmeter FDM printers for a while now. Yea, they’re way more industrial, but a solid group of enginerds.

I like the phrase. Never heard it before but it is “to the point.”

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Neat but slow


That’s fine, my transmission only has 3 speeds, granny gear, 1st and reverse.

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Here is version 6 of the XR LED light replacement cover with a parking spot for the luddite center finder.


Clever indeed.

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This is a good video talking about the future of 3D printing.

Also slant 3D is very worthwhile follow.

The Future 3D Printing Will ACTUALLY Create - YouTube


Here is a transcript.

“I’m going to tell you two separate stories of two very different people who are going to have an experience that was impossible 3 years ago the first is of Britney Britney is searching for a gift for a friend of hers she goes up to magic.com and she searches for cow piggy bank doing yoga about 10 separate listings pop up and she selects the one that she really likes and about 2 to 3 days later it shows up in the mail for her and she’s able to give it to her friend and her friend is delighted the other is of a fellow named Joe Joe is trying to fix his dishwasher it’s left over from the 1970s back when things were built to last but not every part is still holding up there’s a small clip inside of it that has just snapped off and he needs a new one he takes a picture of the clip uploads it to search and again about 10 or 15 listings pop up showing different versions of that clip he grabs the one that will work for his dishwasher and he hits by now and again 2 days later it shows up the secret to all of this was the fact that none of those parts existed until Britney or Joe purchased the piece here’s what happened when Britney searched for yoga Peggy Bank an AI image generator started winding up and it created those 10 different listings creating images from all different angles of the item and then when she found the one that she liked and she purchased it a separate AI generated a 3D model from those images making it fully engineering reliable fully functional and ready to go that file was then sent to a giant print Farm like ours a print farm with thousands of machines and one of hundreds of those print farms around the world each one located in a large city so that Parts can be delivered as quickly as possible when that file was grown inside of the print Farm it was then thrown into a box and shipped just a few miles to Britney’s house similarly when Joe took a picture of that clip the lar sensor in his phone scanned the part giving it a baseline of dimensionality so that the 3D model could match exactly the part that he was taking a picture of and then was able to create the model fully and ready to be assembled once Joe made the order the part was then sent again to a print farm and it was printed off in carbon fiber nylon to make sure that it had never break again and then that part was shipped again just down the road to Joe’s house none of these parts were ever stored none of these products ever existed both of these customers got a product that never existed before and would never exist again but each one of them was made more efficiently than anything ever before there were not thousands of the clips stored up for the last 20 years in an aircond conditioned Warehouse there was not a mold made thousands of miles away that made the piggy bank there was simply a website that connected into a giant print farm that was effectively a warehouse where the shelves made the product these customers were able to have not just large selection but infinite selection anything they could possibly want or need was able to be created and throughout magic.com there are all kinds of designers a kid in Africa is designing jewelry and kitchen Wares for a woman in New York a college student is designing a new tool or widget that’s being used across the planet none of them ever has to know how shipping Works none of them ever has to know how the part is is manufactured they simply create and deploy the same way websites and web apps were created before but now instead of Simply changing the colors on a screen they’re able to change the objects in your hand as I said before this was all Impossible 3 years ago but it is already being demoed today here at slant 3D we’ve already demoed a number of these capabilities inhouse and we’re working with clients who are doing similar types of projects this is why we released our API so that anybody can get access to our print Farms it gives people the ability to create anything without knowing anything about how it was created and with the new AI generation tools coming out that are already able to create 3D models that are reasonably printable these systems will now be able to create products that people will actually hold now it’s not going to happen overnight there are a number of large engineering challenges with making magic.com a reality but all of them are achievable you will start seeing versions of magic.com in focused niches come out things as simple as a cookie cutter generator that uses AI generated images to create the outline of the cutter so that you can get a unicorn or a smiley face immediately without knowing how to design or Draw or needing to this is going to create a world where there is less waste from over production there will no longer be 25% of toys ground up at the Christmas season because no body ordered them no product will ever exist until somebody actually wants it and the product that is created will be almost completely unique to that consumer this is a world of abundance where whatever you need simply appears when you need it there’s no waste there’s no storage there’s less shipping and less overall consumption because you simply ask for the thing that you need and it’s able to be created for you it’s really exciting to see what is being enabled and what will be coming down in the near future have a great day everybody”




Paragraphs are your friend.


I am a visual person (that means I don’t like to read, anyway) so I went right to the video.

Can I say “Really cool!”

And what is even cooler than that is that I have been using my printer, on a much less sophisticated level, ‘manufacturing’ the things that I find that I need. So, imagining a time when you just search for a “Deer-hunting-for-a-hunter piggy bank” is not that much of a stretch.

Might be a dumb question, but is there such a website or was magic.com just theoretical?