Leadscrew covers

Hi all,
Just ordered the CrossFire Pro. I was wondering if anyone has considered leadscrew covers. They can be purchased pretty cheap in all different sizes and types. From what I’ve read the leadscrews can be a source of some problems and covers would prevent a lot of that. I could see why they may leave them off as a cost-saving measure but I’m considering adding them when I do the build or shortly thereafter. Thoughts?


I have been looking for covers as well but, outside of making them myself, i couldn’t really find a place that was very cheap. You have a source?

Its not going to be much of a issue.I’ve cut many sheets of steel on my little 2x2 and havnt had a problem.Just inspected your rails and lead screws before cutting.

Funny, I thought I had a good source but on further study find they are really expensive there. Maybe I can 3D print something.

Look up machine brushes

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Oh, nice tip! Thanks

This got me thinking a little about the brush idea… Looks a lot like a door sweep… Check this out at your local Menards store… Maybe it would work?