Lead Screw Specs

So I’m so over the 2 pcs. water table and making a few changes in the coming month or so. Didn’t last long before the glue burnt up or blew out of that pan; then this week after cutting some 1/2" plates a bigger drip started… Too much to keep ignoring and the overall design isn’t my favorite to say the least.

I did just get a new 52"x52" pan bent out of 10 ga p&o, 3" deep. The plan is so far to cut out a 1’ hole in that pan and weld in a sump; maybe another 3" deep where a strainer basket and drain will be. For now I’m just going to install the new pan and add some extra legs to support it while gathering parts.

A little knowledge would be greatly appreciated as these CNC things are something I’m very much learning still. My overall plan is to make a new base for the larger table and get some longer tubes, riser plates, servo wires, and lead screws.

For replacement lead screws, what about am I looking for as far as specs go? Ideally I am thinking on getting something a little heavier like the one going along the x axis to reduce the wobble.

Aside from them few bits above, am I over-looking or missing out on much here to get a half sheet table that won’t leak?

Thanks in advance!