Lead screw rubbing on Lead Screw mounting flange

My “X” axis lead screw is riding on the lower edge of the hole in the Lead screw mounting flange. This contact is constant thru the entire travel distance along the “X” axis and you can hear the contact of each thread of the lead screw. The mounting holes on the flange also do not line up with the lead nut mounting holes. I can’t seem to find anyway to adjust the lead screw into the center of the the mounting flange hole. Any suggestions??

Is the torch carriage square to the slat bed? It’s possible that it’s angled down which would cause the issue thats shown in the picture.

My X axis was also super way out to lunch when i first assembled it in all directions. Even the bearing retainer was on backwards.

They have a video that walks you through X axis alignment, it was very helpful. Once i got the X axis trued, i even had to loosen that mounting flange to square it to the lead screw the other way.
Skinny Langmuir Dude with Uber Mustachio Aligns Machine

I am +/- 0.5mm now, it just takes a bit of time, and self taught millwright skills.
Once I feel like getting spendy again, I will get a laser square to really align it to my liking.

Langmuir is giving us all the CNC tech course, for much, much, much cheaper than college.
Don’t worry its all adjustable!

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I had a machine screw that holds the bearing causing tension in the lead screw…I backed it off and that relieved the tension…everything looks good now.
Thanks for the quick replies.

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So this exact thing is happening to me can you please show me how and what you did to alleviate the issue? I shimmed the mounting flange knowing full well something wasn’t right but thought to not bother anyone about it.
Thanks in advance for you help


Is the issue occurring on the torch carriage?

It is and i have found it’s the square of the carriage to the slat bed. I was able to work my way through it while following along from another thread. I beleive we are good for now. I have yet to fire up the system and am becoming impatient. I am waiting on my 5 stage air dryer before I attempt. It will be here tomorrow.

Thanks for the reply :slight_smile:

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