Lead Screw nuts not threading on

I am right here in the video and the threads dont seem to line up… any ideas?

screws on 3/4 of the nut

Are you pulling back on the white compression collar? it’s not shown in the video but there are instructions in the lead nut hardware bag.

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No I didn’t lemme
Try that

That worked duhhhh I gummed up a bit of the plastic threads… is this going to cause issues down thw road?

Shouldn’t. I did the same thing but I got it on (never underestimate the power of a set of vicegrips and a wrench) - I was thinking maybe the lead screws “set” themselves into the threads after it ran. Duh, no that just stops the motor from turning :slight_smile:

I don’t recall seeing the directions in the bag but I took them off and then realized the collar allowed the fingers of the threaded portion to open up as it screwed on. Only muck up I did assembling the table and it’s worked fine once I got it right.

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