Lead Out Cuts Not a T2-T4 Issue

So I am using a Titanium 45 that does not have a T2-T4 option and I’m getting small divots on the lead out like the torch is not shutting before it starts the transition. Any suggestion?

2t4t would not make much difference here…you might need to increase your lead out angle and legth so the divot is not on your pattern but on the waste

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Thank you for the response I will give it a try.

If you use Sheetcam, you can program it to pause before moving to the next cut.

I tried changing lead out angles and length but im still getting these divots any help would be appreciated.
ds690 I’m using Fusion 360 and can’t find any setting that will pause before moving to next cut.
Does anyone else have this issue?

Reverse the cut direction

Looks like you are cutting on the wrong side. It has been a while since I used fusion can’t remember how to change it.


I’ve seen several other Titanium users with the same problem. It seemed to be the combination of fusion and the Titanium plasma cutter. I sent one of my Sheetcam files to one of them and it worked fine.

Any chance you may post your f3d file?

The forum said because I’m a new user it will not let me post an attachment

A couple more posts and it will let you.

Fusion and Titanium 45 do not not work well together.
After changing to the Prime Weld Cut 60 the divots went away. :slight_smile:

I have been using the titanium 45 on my crossfire pro for over two years now and have no problems with it. You need to get your settings set up right .

I cut alot of offroad suspension brackets and they all come out great.


Are you using Fusion 360 to create you G-Codes?
Also what speeds are you cutting at?
I’m asking because when I cut 1/4” plate at lower speeds I did not get the divots but when I cut smaller detail projects at 100 ipm the divots would show up.
These same programs same settings on the Prime Weld Cut60 have no divots. And this unit was $300 less then the Titanium 45. It was a win win for me.

I use fusion 360, deltacad,bendtech and Inkscape. IT is your settings in menu of what cam program you are to create tap file and your cutter settings. How thin of steel you cutting? !00 inch is slow. I cut 1/8" at 155 imp. and 1/16" at 195 imp and air psi is set at 75 psi on all my material. I use the plasmadyn x45 machine torch.

Rat196426 do you have the Z axis THS, IHS on your machine?
I do not have that, just thinking if you are running the THS that may be why you are not getting the divots on the lead-out.
If your torch is picking it self up between cuts that gives it a slit second to shut the torch down before it moves.
Just a thought.

Yes, I have the crossfire pro with IHS (which comes with), but I don’t have the THC.