Lead in / Lead Out Setting?

I was trying to find out if there is a Lead in / Lead out setting in the FireControl software. I am constantly getting Lead in / Lead out cuts in my finished projects. I cad in Fusion or Bobcad and then cam with SheetCam. I have turned off all Lead in / Lead out settings in these programs. I am trying to figure out why I am still getting these cuts.

Thank You.

When you set up an operation in sheetcam does it show the lead in and lead outs on the cut paths shown?

Why not cam with Fusion. It works perfectly.
Sheetcam just add to the confusion.
Make sure you have the correct FireControl post processor 1.6 download for Fusion.

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In Fusion 360 when you are creating your 2d profile on the geometry tab make sure you put the arrow on the inside of the line if it is a hole and the outside of the line if you want it to cut on the outside of the sign.
For instance, hole (arrow Inside)

Outline (arrow outside)

This should help put the lead-ins and outs where you want them.

I hope this helps.

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There are no settings in Firecontrol for lead ins and lead outs. When you set up your jet cutting operation in Sheetcam, you need to click on “none” for lead in and lead out in that screen. It doesn’t matter that you have lead in and lead out turned off in the tool, they have to be turned off in the jet cutting operation screen.

Maybe post a picture of your cut path or a cut where you have gotten these undesired cuts.

Thank You for all the replies. It turns out that it was not a Lead in / Lead out issue.
What I found was that the torch did not have enough time to fully turn off before a rapid move to the next cut. I inserted a 1 second pause in the G Code after the torch off command and before the Rapid Move command which solved the issue. Thanks again for all the replies.