Layered sign help

I’m making a layered sign for my friends mom and I used gorilla glue to connect the layers, this is my first layered sign and the glue spewed over the sides. Is there any way I can fix this without ruining the sign

Razor knife maybe

Nice pumpkin! Maybe Goo gone with toothbrush. Might want to test on a different similar item before putting on this one. GL

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I’ve hidden excess glue by using a q-tip and some of the paint. Spray the tip with paint real close to a piece of cardboard so you can saturate it. Carefully wipe the excess glue.


A plastic razor blade from Amazon should do the trick. In the future, use 3m vhb tape


I agree tape is good. I would stay away from the Gorilla glue as if foams. You can try Quad adhesive / sealant. That way if a little squeezes out you can wipe it easily.
That stuff is strong and you can get it at Home Depot or lots of other places.

Whether or not you can get that glue off will depend what you used for paint. You might find the paint pulls off with the glue.


Do you have a German Shepherd by chance? :upside_down_face:
I recognize the fine underdown of some dog’s coat.

Agree with use of tape, rivets or Gorilla makes a non-foaming clear glue. Scraping with a plastic blade would be ideal.

It looks like the rest of the project was perfect. Kind of upsetting, I am sure.

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I put it up side down in a drawer and put blocks of metal to hold it down, those fibres are from the carpet in the drawer lol

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I used a razor to get it off, unfortunately I scratched up the paint a little bit while doing so. Definitely going to try this method to touch it up, thanks.