Layer Not Found

Hi All,

I was successfully outputting parts that burnt well. I’m using Sheetcam v6.0.3. Things generally went well. I made no changes to the software. Being busy, I didn’t run any jobs for a month or so. Now, when I go back to sheetcam, even with previously successful dxf files, every time I run a plasma cut operation in sheetcam, I get an error code stating: Outside offset, {Layer not found} T2: 3/16… This layer does not exist No Paths were generated. The tool may be too bid or there may be a problem with the drawing. Anybody else experience this?


Never mind. I wasn’t selecting the layer in the tool selection dialogue. Whoops.

Click the little “down arrow” in layer, it should show the available drawing layers that you may select.

Glad you found it! :joy: