Last Minute Wreaths for Xmas

Hi all,

Finally got some much needed time behind the machine tonight! Cranked out a few wreaths and will do some more tomorrow.

I hope everyone has a wonderful Christmas!


I like the way you added a loop on the top to hang them

Nice! How do you finish these or did you leave the natural metal look? Gifts, selling or personal use?

I’m doing a compilation video of what people have been able to accomplish with their Langmuir CNC. I’d like to send people to your Etsy Instagram FB or website as well if you have any of these.

Hey @ManCrafting !

Chad, I read your post where you are doing this. Truthfully, I’ll be honest I was super excited to read about what you’re about to do and then I became sad, because I actually don’t have an ETSY or an Intsa, lolol!

Call me old school even though I’m still considered a millennial that should have all the social tools, lol! When would the deadline be for your video/photo project?

Thanks for the kind words. I hope others on here are taking you up on your offer. Can’t wait to see what you do!