Last day to order the Hypertherm PowerMax 65 or 85

Last day to order the o g 65 or 85 before the SYNC starts coming out in January

im still rockin the powermax 1250. i have a hard time wrapping my head around spending $60 a pop every time something goes wrong. your basically replacing the shied, retainer, nozzle, electrode, and swirl every time something happens or wears out. i get the concept is cool but i can pop a new electrode and nozzle in and let it eat for less than $10. maybe im missing something… :man_shrugging:

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Damn. I didn’t know they were doing away with the other machines to support the sync. That’s crazy.

My Powermax 85 is only 9 months old and is now a legacy product lol.

They must really believe in the SYNC product line.

I assume the top reason for the switch is to make it almost impossible to use 3rd party consumables.

Also to reduce user fault trouble calls which is likely the vast majority of their trouble calls.

I will try some of the SYNC consumables in the Duramax torch when their available and see what the fuss is about.

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I can’t imagine using anything other than hypertherm consumables in a hypertherm cutter, I wonder how many users go aftermarket.

There are a lot of people using aftermarket consumables on the Hypertherm plasma cutters as they are to cheap to buy the Hypertherm consumables, they think they are saving money.

I am guessing the new plasma cutters and consumable cartage’s are being made at Hypertherm’s Chinese plant.

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How much are the replacement cartridges? Hard to believe they will be $10. You Hypertherm boys are about to get it played.
Nashua NH to China? We shall see what happens.

$50-60 per cartridge

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