Laser engraving mod

Added 15watt purple laser to cross fire. Bought off the ole interwebs for $150…did some preliminary testing , and, it works ok!


Now what about on metal?

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I was thing about doing the same thing. Let me ask you how you have it wired? I was thinking or wondering if I could just wire it into the trigger switch for the torch.

Yeah! What he said! Inquiring minds want to know!

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You’re up late, What part of the country are you in?

Haven’t wired it to controller yet, need to sort out the wiring diagram, may be able to wire it just like we do the plasma, worse case is to use a small relay in between…Mach 3 can control the intensity of the laser, but will need to sort out if I can interface thru the langmuir controller…

No on marking steel, would need 10x the power at least…

You might be able to mark steel with Dry Moly at full power and run at slower rate. I can mark Steel with a 40W laser running at 77% power and approximately 62ipm.

What speed did you run in the photos you showed?

20 on the cat and 12 on the mouse