Larger cutting holes at beginning of cuts

At the beginning of each cut is a larger hole than the the rest of the cut. I’ve played with several settings but can’t seem to figure this out.



you could tune your pierce delay or use bigger lead in and lead out so the beginning and the end of the cuts are on the waste

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right now my pierce delay is 300ms.

so should I go down further or increase it?

also, I thought we didn’t select the lead outs in fusion 360.

The problem is if the arc spends extra time over a spot it will make a wider kerf and if that is close to a cut line it will looks like a divot. Pierce delay is just to make sure the peirce goes all the way through before the torch moves. If an edge matters then Its best to have the pierce away from the cut line. So if you do set a lead In you can then set how far from the cutline to start, the angle of the entry to the cut line and the radius it travels through to get to the cut line. These settings are there to avoid these little burns and marks. You dont strictly need lead ins and lead outs especially if your just making a bracket nobody will see but they become more important if your edges do matter. Sometimes the best you can do ends up leaving little extra material you need to hit with a grinder or file. A cut on the edge on the other hand is harder to deal with.

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YES !!! that definitely explains that part for me. Thank you brother!!!

I will mess with those settings tomorrow. I can definitely tweak those on letters, especially on the waste side of what i’m cutting.

Thank you very much!