Laptop stand mount?

Has anyone made a laptop stand that mounts to the crossfires yet? If so will you be willing to share your dxf?


I would like that too.

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Heard the files to cut the stand are on here somewhere… Having a hard time finding them. Any help?

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Langmuir said they’d have them back when the initial pre-order was going on (& instructions/files for building your own water table) but they’ve been focused on getting machines out the door and haven’t posted them yet as far as I know.

A couple of people have done their own though so a search should find them and a PM might get you their files.

Can someone please post their laptop stand on FILESHARE?


Yeah id like to download one as well

Can someone verify the size of the square tubing the legs are made from? If so I will model up a laptop mount that uses an easy to procure hinge and share it with everyone!

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Yes its a 2x2” confirmed with tape measure.

I know this is an old post but I went to fireshare and all the files for laptop stand are errored out. Anybody got them and can DM them to me or PM.

@langmuir-reilly Looks like fireshare is having issues. when you click a project it is showing this


Oh ok, so its a global issue and not just related to those files. Thanks.

Does anybody have any of those files they can share.?

Preferably the one with the mouse width

Never mind the fireshare is back up

That’s been happening since yesterday afternoon. However, if I log-in it works normally.

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Apologies for the delayed response! One of our support techs was out sick this week, so we’ve been quite busy around here. I saw a few reports of this issue via email, but by the time I had a chance to check in on FireShare it seemed to have been resolved. Thanks for alerting me to this!

This type of error indicates that a function in the code has been invoked while it is null, which can be caused by a variety of issues. Since it seems to have cleared up without intervention, I assume it was a server-side issue.

Apologies if this caused any inconvenience!

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It hasn’t cleared up. If you are not logged into FireShare and you click on a file, you get the error. I just tried it.



Call to a member function hasRole() on null

Expand vendor frames

  1. resources / themes / default / projects / show.blade.php : 7


  1. 13 vendor frames
  2. App \ Http \ Middleware \ HttpsProtocol : 16



Weird - it was working when I posted that, but now it seems to be down again. I’ll keep y’all updated.

UPDATE - should be fixed now!

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Working today!

Since I posted the bad, thought I should come back and post when its all good! :grinning: