Laptop graphics not supported, what is lacking?

At some point my laptop fell off the “meets all the requirements” list for FireControl, and now when I update (I updated to 21.1.4 the other day) I end up needing to run the -compatibility installer instead of the regular installer. I don’t have the text in front of me, but the message from FireControl was something along the lines of “your computer isn’t supported, please run the compatibility installer.” I’ve tried to figure out what’s lacking, but so far no success. It seemes like the most likely culprit is an OpenGL issue, although the graphics driver claims to support OpenGL 4.3.

Is there any information available re: what specifically is the supported and non-supported graphics hardware?

i recently switched laptops on my crossfire, i went from AMD to intel graphics, i had to download a different installer package for the intel graphics.

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Same here. Got 21.1.4 loaded, but man is it slow. When I hit the arrow key to move the torch nothing happens at first, then it takes off like a bandit slamming into the stops. I think I’ll go back to the older version of Fire control until things get sorted out.

Definitely revert back to whatever version of firecontrol runs smoothly on your system.

I’m still running 20.6 on my shop laptop.

if you delete the .firecontrol folder in the “users folder” it will create a new one when you start the program. This will likely fix that slow response issue.

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OpenGL 3.0 is required to run either compatibility or the regular release of FireControl with the visualizer. There are certain functions not available in some later versions of OpenGL that we use to optimize the visualizer’s performance- hence the need for the compatibility version.

We hope to integrate these as soon as possible but this is unlikely for the next release (coming soon).