Langmuir Table Clamps are shipping, anyone have them yet?

I’ve got some on the way, but I can’t find reviews or even any good pictures of them.
I’m curious where the adjustment points are.
I got some from Fireball Tool that are like TOO adjustable
and so are a pain in the ass to crank down due to the pivot on the screw.

My hope is that the Langmuir ones are more solid,
more similar to like Strongarm clamps.

So I got some, and they’re 100% designed to be used with the leg kit,
so they’re kind of worthless for me, which is a reasonably big bummer.
They expect you to have clearance through/under the blocks,
so with my blocks sitting on top of my old fab table,
they’re too tall for anything smaller than like 3" in diameter.

I might end up cutting some down.
I gave some to a friend who has a WeldFlat table
as he’s got the clearance to put them to use.