Langmuir service

Received my Crossfire Friday. Unpacked the box (which was packed great)!! Built the frame. Saturday I finished it, took about 8 hours taking my time using the very precise video instructions. Had a couple of minor setbacks in the process which I overcame. I actually operated the crossfire and fired the torch through Mach 3. Contacted Langmuir on the minor problems and they responded to my needs today. These folks at Langmuir are serious about what they are doing and they are providing top notch service after the sale. To me partnering with this company was a great decision. Very cool little big machine!!


Absolutely! I’ve been extremely impressed.

Thanks! The credit really goes to @langmuir-megan. She handles the vast majority of the customer service workload which can be hundreds of emails each day. She ALWAYS prioritizes customers that are in posession of a machine so that if they have issues (or if we made a mistake, forgot something in the box,etc) they get responded to quickly.


I agree totally! I’m very pleased with the personal touch you get from Langmuir. The fact that they are scouring through these forums speaks volumes for their dedication to customer service!! I ordered this machine on a whim and do not regret for one second buying it!!