Langmuir Products

I just want to say I think L/S builds a great product for the money!
I bought a XR table with a razor weld cutter. I did not need it really but thought at this price why not give it a try.

There are three things you want when you purchase something (Price, Quality, Service)
but you can only have two.
When I bought this table I knew it would not be perfect, I knew I would have issues with things, and I knew I would not have someone sitting by the phone waiting for me to call.

This forum is part of L/S support and its a great group of guys, that try to make it work and get nothing other than knowing this is what makes this possible for all of us.

We are all here because L/S has made this affordable for all of us!

I want to thank everyone at L/S and in these forums for everything you do!


@Knick Thank you!!