Langmuir or very knowledgable free lancer type mechanic/technician

Hi everyone! First let me begin by apologizing for my lack of knowledge in all things CNC Plasma! I manage an Aviation Tooling Company in beautiful Miami, Fl. and we bought a Langmuir Crossfire pro almost 1 year ago. Unfortunately, I have only cut maybe once or twice on it due to operator error/understanding. I am getting error messages, the torch doesn’t engage, when I do get it to cut it is very messy etc. Probably every single problem you could think of I am having it. I am not even sure if my machinist put the thing together properly as this machine is definitely not level to say the least. Anyhow, I have tried to read these forums, I have watched every instructional video, I could probably be a salesperson for Langmuir! I know the machine, what each part does, the knee bone is connected to the leg bone type stuff. But to execute it! To make the machine work properly!? I cannot. Please HELP! Does Langmuir have technicians??? Or is there someone out there in the Miami area that would be willing to come here and just get my machine to the position where it is usable?? I WILL PAY YOU HANDSOMELY. I have a machine that is now just taking up floor space and its become a paperweight. Please.

wished I lived near you…

Check the Owner’s Map, there will be a link if you search for it.

Tom, something not right with that map. member have mentioned were they live and the map is showing them in the wrong area. example Jamesdhatch lives in Connecticut and the map I just brought
up show him near Marienville in western PA.

Well, we definitely need to get @jamesdhatch involved to see if he’s moved, on vacation there, or has some sort of love shack there. He is the expert on the Google Map and is quite responsive. Let’s see what he has to say about this.

I would not have noticed it, but I recognized his name and I don’t live to far from Marienville.

Well, I just did a quick look and it looks like EVERYONE is messed up. Maybe there’s a newer link to use. I hope.

Not everyone Toolboy is were he belongs in Canada. :rofl:

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LOL! How ‘apropos’, as @toolboy would say…

Maybe this is one of those military GPS perturbations to protect strategic targets.

No dough about it, they keep all the other truths hidden.

yup…it has me right where I should be…at home listening to my CFO…yes dear…I am coming to do the dishes now…

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Hmmm…I can’t see it in my phone (which is another problem). I’m driving cross-country this week so not likely to be able to look into it until next week

How accurate is this map? I am in Longwood Florida and it is showing there are multiple owners in my area. But it also shows someone in the same warehouses I am located in has one? I sure would like to meet him or her. I just bought my machine yesterday.

At this point, until the map gets fixed, I wouldn’t trust it at all, but even when it was working the ‘accuracy’ was dependent on where a person placed their mark. In my case I simply used the center of town because I didn’t want someone knocking on my door wanting to see my setup :wink: If someone’s nearby and PMs me, then we could set something up.

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well…there goes my summer surprise trip…


Lol… creeper alert

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Thank you TomWS. Added my location. Now I have to admit, I am a newbie with CNC Plasma. But have several CNC’s in the shop, (woodworking and laser)