Langmuir clamps for arcflat tables

I’m not seeing much information on the clamps on their website. Pretty much a picture and an option to add them to your order. Are these worth buying or are others recommended? I see a bunch of them available.

One more question. I see both 5/8" and 16mm noted on the table description. 5/8" is equal to 15.75mm which to me sounds almost identical. I also see clamps sold mostly separate as one or the other but not equal. Will this table work with either size without issue?

I appreciate anyone that takes a second to help answer.

I run build pro clamps on my table which are 5/8. They work good except for the ball locks. I have to add washers to them do to the table only being 3/8” thick.
I do not have any 16m tooling to answer that question.

there is zero difference for this…it does not matter

I have their clamps and love them…you can actually pull them apart and use them in many different ways.
I also built my own out of wood clamps with a piece of 5/8" round stock
here is my clamp holder also

and as

@Duhicky said it right that the ball lock units do not work great on the Langmuir tables as a note…