Langmuir and Hypertherm


“Really sad, as I spent more than a year saving up for the CrossfirePro kit, only to have non-stop problems from day one. I’m honestly glad that the problems weren’t caused by Langmuir, they’ve always been super helpful and I’ve always felt bad for having to continually complain about the misfires and cutting issues. Knowing that the issues rest with Razorweld makes me hopeful that sometime in the future Langmuir will start giving us the option to buy kits that include a proper Hypertherm cutter.”

As a follow up on this it all comes down to money. Langmuir would not sell many crossfire or crossfire pro’s if they were backing them with Hypertherm plasma cutter as the cost would be to high. To add a Hypertherm Powermax 45XP plug and play setup with a machine torch would be well over the cost of the table.

Also Langmuir would be the one you would contact for any warranty and repairs for a Hypertherm unit as a seller and dealer.