Klutch P600iHD Inverter-Powered Plasma Cutter

Can anyone tell me if this cutter is compatible with the Pro? According to Klutch, this plasma cutter has an internal pilot arc starter(blowback).

Yes it will work. Not the best torch for a CNC but it will work.

Thanks for the reply mechanic416. I know it is not the best torch for a cnc, but the price on it is what I am looking at. Already have another plasma cutter, but it is not compatible. High frequency.

Try the Primeweld Cut60. It’s been pretty good for me so far. and I believe it’s cheaper than the Klutch.

Mechanic can tell you all about that one.

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I second the Primeweld Cut60, it has been flawless for me so far, except for the operator, which is me.

Thanks for the reply all. On the Cut60, is it possible to replace torch lead with a longer vertical one? Looked at it on website and the connections look like twist locks. On the Cut50’s, looks like connections are like other plasma cutters.

Have you seen the price on the refurbs? They are $550 at their primary store this week. I am strongly considering one.

On the Klutch? That is what I was looking at. I have a Klutch mig that came with a spool gun for aluminum and it works great.

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