Kind of Busted Here w/ Amico Electric Plasma and Set Up


I was reviewing the build process of the connections for the on/off from the Langmuir Systems controller board and my current plasma cutter tech…

I am busted. Anyway, if you have used the Amico Electric style of Cutter-50 plasma cutter, please send your advice. I have some photos and can test in any manner welcomed.

So, w/ that schematic I have come to understand that I have only two wires to the cutter and the connection is air or at least an air port is available for the “main” connector. As you can tell, I am new to plasma machines/cutters in general.

Goin’ over the topics from Langmuir, I see there should be four wires and some are connected while others have NO continuity.

Blah…so I am trying w/ this specific cutter for now. Please send advice if you have accomplished this build w/ the Amico Electric Cut-50.


P.S. If you need additional info. from me, please ask away. Open book time…

It looks like a high frequency machine.

You may be just looking for a new plasma cutter all together.

Take a look at the compatibility list



I saw the required cutters and the requirements list from Langmuir. I will think about it.

I am adding two photos here for kicks.


P.S. The photos!

Dang it.


I went for cheap and thought I could bypass the info. and data stated as working currently.


P.S. This system, the plasma cutter from Amico, probably will not work. I ordered another type that was not on the list but has similar characteristics of the ones that are stated as working. I will let people know how it goes…

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If your looking for a cutter that’s reasonably priced and will work with you table look at the primeweld cut 60


Okay and I Will,

Thank you for pointing this out. I actually bought another one to test, i.e. blah. I should just listen…

This is the one I purchased:

Klutch PFC700 Dual-Voltage Plasma Cutter — Inverter, 120V/230V, 45 Amp Output | Northern Tool

It has the electrodes like the other tools that are accepted…


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Well hopefully it works out for ya. The prime weld is priced couple hundred below the klutch and is 60amp machine so if you have problems with the klutch definitely checkout the prime weld. Lots of users on here


$&%^^& but not directed at you, e.g. directed at myself.



P.S. I am the worst purchaser/procurement specialist in history. Factoid.

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Hopefully you can just reject delivery, or simply call and have them not ship it out.

There are many PrimeWeld CUT60 users, myself included, that have been using our plasma cutter on and off our CNC table with great success.

Come to think of it, I posted all those pictures in your other thread about metal dust accumulation while cutting with the hand torch.

If you do by chance get to return or reject the Klutch, you can get the CUT60 with free shipping and save by using WELCOME25 as the code. Or wait until Black Friday to see what sale they have going on.

Usually the only time of year when they have a sale.


PrimeWeld Cut60…okay.

I will look into it. Thank you.


I have a couple prime weld machines and they are awesome products for the price and their customer support is hands down some of the best. I have several buddies that use primeweld as well with not a single complaint so far.

I like that they are based in NJ and you talk to a real person when you call them and they value your business



The Klutch may just work. I tested the build and the only issue so far is the plasma cutter itself, i.e. not the entire machine. The tip/head of the plasma cutter has a safety mechanism that I will break off in some form or fashion.

Anyway, thank you to everyone who helped me understand things in the process of me getting a grip on my own understandings.


P.S. Tested electrically only so far is where I am at currently. So, it is time to level this machine out and then add the Klutch PFC700 to the entire built machine! I cannot wait. Then, I can finally help out where I have not been able to help out before this awesome machine and software you guys have produced.


Also…I was not able to test w/ the plasma cutter attached to the plasma cutting machine. The electrical connector from Langmuir Systems did not have an opening in the wiring to test…

So, I am goin’ w/ some beforehand testing w/ the continuity test I performed. Then, if things do not work, I will be a goof but I then will know what needs to change…

Are you talking about the wire ring that goes around the nozzle that keeps the tip from touching the steel? If so you will want to remove that before attaching the torch to your table. Sorry to hear your having so many issues with cutters but hopefully you get it figured out.

@Upstategrowguy77 ,

Hello…nope. The connector from the electrical Langmuir Systems box to the plasma cutter has no bare wires to test once things are connected. I guess I read the instructions incorrectly or I need to alter the wiring to make them bare and then add some heat shrink tubing to cover the bare wires.

And yes, I was having difficulty for not listening (sort of what I do). Anyway, the Klutch PFC700 seems like it will work so far.


P.S. Now, to get some metal to cut! I will show off the first of my life plasma rendition once I can find time.

Anyway, thank you guys/gals.