Keyboard shortcut zero all

Anyone know if there is a zero all or zero x/y shortcut? Also wondering about a “go to zero”. I haven’t found anything from googling.

Coming off mach 3 using an xbox 360 controller it was really nice to be able to line up a cut in an already cut piece of steel, as to not have extra waste.

I barely know how to use a keyboard, but if these aren’t already existing - would it be hard to make some sort of work around for them?

There is a zero all and go to zero button in fire control that you can click with a mouse or touch screen, not sure about keyboard shortcut sorry.

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I’d like some more keyboard shortcuts as well. I want to be able to alter program speed and pierce delay without looking at the laptop screen.

Someone on the forum made a 360 controller work with the pro I believe. I’d have to search to find it.

I have the controller working with the pro, as you can map the arrow keys and the up down/start stop as they have shortcuts available. Would be simple to map all the other stuff if there were shortcuts for it. I am not very computer inclined so I have no idea how hard that would be to add or if there would be a way to add them (or some other type of work around for them) myself.