Kerf size an speed

Does anyone know the how to calculate kerf size for a given nozzle size? Also is there a general guide for ipm for a set amperage? I’ve tried looking at the plasma cutters manufactures manual but haven’t found any useful information. The plasma cutter is a everlast 50 power plasma 50s.

Honestly it just takes test cuts and writing Down what works best in your personal experience for amps and speed.

Kerf size will change by material, thickness, power and speed.

By & large you tend to use a power/speed setting for each material & thickness as fast as possible with minimal dross so it comes down to finding what it is for each material/thickness combination.

It’s pretty easy to find - make a file with a standard sized square - say 1"x1" or 2"x2" and run a cut with the cut on the outside of the line in F360. Do another with the cut on the inside of the line.

Then measure the square and compare it to your design.

Mine runs at .06" in 16ga steel. (It’s roughly 10X the kerf on my laser which is about .008".)

As the consumables wear your kerf will get a bit thicker so if you notice parts coming out differently than you spec’ed them, you may be seeing an early sign it’s time to replace the nozzle & tip.