Just thought I'd share my new Pro setup

Brand new to the CNC plasma game. I’ve been a welder/carpenter for 15 years, and naturally thought I’d start a home plasma business. I’m in the Seattle area, and just got the machine running Sunday. I’ve got the third car space in my garage tarped off floor to ceiling. I rigged an exhaust to pull fumes out and create negative pressure. I do all the cutting, welding and grinding in here. Keeps all the family stuff clean and the smell contained. It’s tight, but workable. It’s been a hell of a wait these last few months. So far, I’m extremely pleased. I still need way more time understanding the software, but I have made something other than debt.


Very nice!! Lovin the subs!!

“sky of blue and sea of green” very nice and great setup!

Good on ya! Super nice pieces. I hope you do very well.