Just secured my equipment. I went with the Hypertherm 65, is it “Plug & Play “or do I have to wire it up myself?

Hey from SC! Pulled the trigger on an XR! It’s on it’s way…


If it has a cpc port ls sells a cable so you don’t have to hard wire.

If you ordered every thing from Langmuir it should all be plug and play.


OK, great!

Great choice. Now you wait. Whats the lead time now?

Langmuir has the cable for the CPC and the machine torch mount (if you also got the duramax machine torch)

A consumable kit is also a good plan for starting out. I hate to have a tip get tired in the middle of a project and not have replacements.

You’ll also likely want a pretty good air drying system in SC, possibly even refrigerated dryer.


It looks like the listing with the XR tables states that the Hypertherm 65 Sync “comes with CPC port, machine torch and required cable.” So no wiring for you!!! You lucky dog! Excellent choice and you now have limited some of your frustrations as you get on to this new adventure.

I would expect that since they are supplying the machine torch with the purchase that they are swapping out the hand torch mount for the machine torch mount.

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I received the “65” but encountered a little problem I not see coming! Looks like I’m going to have the Electrician come in to run another line.

mine came the same way. it is set up for 3 phase. the manual has the diagram for the connections inside.

its currently like this
three phase

but should be like this

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I see…(Ithink) So I can open up the machine and just remove L3? Will I lose anything?

I left the connects in place inside my machine and traced which wire was L3 at the terminal (“power switch”)and then at plug end didn’t use that wire.

I’ll go see which colour it was on mine.

Thanks TW.

I ended up using some big shrink wrap around all the loose wires.
And then shrink wrapped off the unused tail.

It’s not the most ideal way to do it but it got it working at the time for me.

There may be a chance your colouring sequence would be different. the cover easily does come off the hypertherm to look.

Unplug first.


Thanks for your help! I’m still a few days out before she comes alive but I’ll let you know what happens…