Just purchased the CrossFire XL Expansion Kit

I Just purchased the CrossFire XL Expansion Kit.
Anything I need to know or be aware of. Have had my Crossfire for about 3 years now wanted to go pro but going to hold off of that the XL expansion pack will help me greatly right now just looking for things to be aware of or be ready for when it does arrive

If you have a water table…(I think without water table this is not as necessary)

As long as you’re going to take things back apart again, consider making yourself some taller stanchion plates… This allows you to slide stock through the table along the x axis as well… It’s come in handy for me quite a few times/

I agree with KX9M…I have the Pro and I still plan to raise it up…

Are the stanchion plates the black plates with the holes that connect the top and bottom rail I’m assuming? How much taller did you make them?

Yes. Those are the ones… I made mine an inch taller overall… I’ve read of others going even higher to accomodate the cutting of square tubing… You can do whatever suits you… Probably a couple of files in the Fileshare ready to go…!!

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Great thanks will be doing this for sure. Do you know of anyone who has tried to make the x Gantry longer even though it would go over the end of the table?

Went and took a look quickly… https://www.langmuirsystems.com/fireshare/langmuir-gantry-riser

I’d just verify the dimensions before cutting… GL !!!

Thanks, but I thought this is what we were talking about for sanction plates? Screenshot_20201206-101350_Chrome

Hey I never mind I just took the picture/photograph in file share now that I look at the actual drawing I see they are just showing how you can cut a square tube. I would definitely make mine taller so I could cut at least Square tubing that would come in handy

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