Just got my table in. :)

Hey everyone. Table is in the process of being assembled. I ran into one little snag so far with one leg hole alignment but was nothing a slight grind from the highspeed die couldn’t handle, it’s all square and level now. I had to close up early for family time but was thinking about my task and I’m at the gantry and stanchion and I’m thinking the holes on the plates and tube is not aligned. I’ll check first thing in the morning and only briefly glanced at it while watching the assembly video.
I searched here already and found it can be corrected if not too far out. I’ll update as I can.

Thanks, Langmuir for the product and the support you offer. This is a fantastic forum and site that has a wealth of knowledge tapped from all the participants.

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Awsome. feels like Christmas all over again huh.

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Jim T. Yes sir!
All put together, I had a temprary shop on order and the company delivering gave me a run around. New company called shop delivered and powered. Tools in place and will start to double check everything Sunday and get started with tutorials on how to program and run it.

I am waiting for a 5 stage air dryer as I really don’t wont to do any more than necessary with the plasma cutter without it.

Thanks so much Langmuir!

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