Just getting started, need help w/ setting up fusion360 library (solved)

Just getting started, need help w/ setting up fusion360 library

current equipment:
crossfire pro 4x3
razorweld 45 w/ machine head
THC (currently not working properly, problem for another day. IHS seems to work though)
Limit switches (not installed yet)
cad/cam fusion 360

Having nothing but a headache trying to hunt down youtube videos and reading forum to find the information I’m looking for, so hopefully this post might help me or someone else.

I made my design in fusion. Went to manufacturing, had nothing in library to select for cutting tool. So I created one. My issue is all the variables, I have no idea what the hell it all means. obviously the thickness would change your settings of what you would set the variables to but I have no idea where to start.

typical gauges i would use for reference:

Is there a step by step guide somewhere I’m oblivious to? Any help to point me in the right direction would be appreciated.

This is a great introductory site: CAD/CAM with Fusion360 | Langmuir Systems
It may be a little dated but it really helps give a quick introduction of many parts of Fusion 360.

Here is a youtube link that devotes bit more attention to creating a tool in Fusion 360 library (I will admit, I have not viewed it):

Just to let you know there are only a few values that track from the Fusion 360 tool library to post processing: kerf width and cutting speed.
All of the values in blue are entered by you during post processing in Manufacturing;

Note: Don’t use my values. This is just for demonstration purposes. I have Hypertherm 45XP so our values would be off a bit so they would not help you either.

Most of us enter these values in our tool library to keep a record and just in case that Fusion 360 starts to carry them thru to post processing.

Probably more information than you wanted. Most people enter a tool when they are working on a project so pick the first two likely gauges that you are expecting to be cutting first. Expand from there. You will find that you will be adjusting some of these values as you “dial in” your setup.

And, lastly, but should have been first: Welcome to the forum!!! :tada:

Edit: @TinWhisperer, I thought you had done a recent video on making a tool in Fusion 360, but I could not find it. The one I found, the link “failed.”


If I were you and your going To try cutting anything thinner than 11ga I would get THC working or you will run into more problems. Then you will have a headache :confused:


Totally agree with Knick.

The tools in Fusion 360 are an “easy” thing: easy to say since I know how to do it. I think you will agree after you do your first one.

You really want your machine running properly or you won’t know it the tool needs to be changed or something is not right about the machine. When I say ‘machine’, I am referring to the Langmuir table/plasma cutter/computer all working as one ‘machine.’

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THC not reading live voltage, and shuts off the plasma cutter. its plugged in as shown by Langmuir install guide. I haven’t had time to read into anything yet on forums but clearly its NFG. I figured out I can use IHS with THC turned off so that’s currently what I’m doing.

Your link above is pretty much the majority of answers I needed. Also it leads to a post processor download link that I needed to download to get the file to Gcode.

Thanks for the quick response

Cheers from Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada


I have 2-3 year old crossfire pro without THC and don’t have any issues cutting. THC is great when it’s working but it’s over half the issues people have are about THC. Hopefully you can get it working and keep it working soon.


This may have been true before the limit switch kits for the pro were released. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


What does this mean?

I’ll text you the meaning…lol

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Just want to make sure it’s what I think it is

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NFG: New Found Glory…found it. I googled it so I know it is true!


Whew!! My mind went a different direction entirely!

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Let me try to explain this to you.

Imagine you’re a Service guy who gets all these returns in for repair. Some of them are fixable, some obviously aren’t. Then, there are those that, even after spending hours trying to solve the problem, you realize they are not fixable.

The ones you fix, get returned.
The ones you don’t fix, get put in a Bin called “No Good”.
The last ones get put in a Bin labelled NFG.


Ok Now I think I get it.
So just be clear, if I am the service guy, brand new just starting out, really have no idea what I am doing,
can I just throw everything in the NFG bin?

You could and some manager would congratulate you on how fast you clear your work load. At some point HIS manager is going to have a different opinion about that, but, maybe by then you’ll be promoted to HIS manager’s level. So :man_shrugging:


Wait a minute: So we are not talking about a rock band??? :grimacing: :wink: :innocent:


Your killing me :rofl::rofl::rofl:

And that is how you set up your Fusion 360 library. Any questions??? :rofl:

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So out of curiosity, I decided to google New Found Glory as a joke to see what’s up. This band ain’t so bad. Pretty much standard to garbage I listen to. So I called my wife other and she’s like “ya, NFG pretty good band.”

So once I finish up this next Cad/Cam file I’m heading to the table and going to blast out to NFG, wake the homeless people up full boar from the garage in my alley.