Just getting started. Hypertherm with built in air?

Hi guys,

getting ready to pull the trigger on the 2x2 crossfire. might still go with the pro but leaning towards the small one for now.

My biggest concern at this point is the air supply. I don’t have a compressor yet, and would need to get one. I have read that to get good results you need all kinds of filters / waters separators etc.

Would the Hypertherm Powermax 30XP with built in air work? and at the same time alleviate all the air BS? or am I out to lunch here, and should no doubt get a real air setup?

thanks for any help.

Depends on what you’re doing. Thin, simple, small stuff, you could get by with the 30air.

You’re just going to be limited. Most of us have larger compressors.

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I was in the same boat as you…2x2…or pro…2x2…or Pro…went for the Pro for more options…and the Torch Height Control…major factor…
it does come with a learning curve and it’s own challanges…but I am glad I went for the Pro…not every piece of meatl is flat…and not every table with slats is flat…and metal warps when you heat it…

right from the Hypertherm website…for the 30xp…not supported for table cutting

I also have a problem trying to find the real specs on the internal compressor…

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thanks @toolboy I was going by the supported plasma cutters page on the Langmuir website (which the 30 air IS listed as supported) , but knew there had to be a catch with the self air units.

Yes I keep going back and forth 2x2 vs pro. I think for my shop the 2x2 fits better - at least to start and learn on. At this time I don’t need to cut anything bigger then what the 2x2 can do.

I Also have a feeling that they will bring a 4x4 crossfire out as it seems that’s what everyone wants? not sure why they went 4x3. I also do not like the 2 part water tray with glue joint. reports of leaks from heat damage to glue? I realize the shipping is an issue with a one piece tray. could always weld it?

The only reason it says that table cutting isn’t supported is because they don’t sell a machine torch for it but if you are just planning on using the hand torch it works perfect and easy to wire in.
The downside of the 30xp air is the machine itself is quite a bit more money and also the consumables are quite a bit more money compared to the 30xp.
By getting the 30xp the money you would save compared to buying the 30xp air you’d be able to buy a compressor and have money left over and there easy to find a used one as well to save even more money. You don’t need a 220v 60g compressor to run it. My buddy has a 30xp hooked up to his table run by a 120v 25g 6.1 scfm at 90 psi compressor and he can cut out whatever he wants without shutting down for duty cycle or running out of air.
The down side to those compressors are they are louder and once they kick in they don’t stop till the cut is finished but for a small shop it takes up less space and only requires 110 power.


I welded mine…easy…I just had a little water in each side to prevent warping.

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If you index your parts you can cut much larger than 23" in Y axis. Search the forum for Indexing cuts.
I’ve cut pieces as large as 72" on my 2x2.

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Tom…stop giving away all the secrets…how are we going to keep them coming to us for guidance and wisdom if you keep dishing it out all the time?..

Sorry. I don’t know what came over me! :crazy_face:

I bought the original crossfire… had I known about the upcoming pro, I would have waited
Saved more money and got the THC…
Don’t get me wrong the OG Crossfire is great!!

Wish I would have waited
Just my 2 cents for you…


I run the 30XP on my Pro. I’d suggest this and a compressor vs. the 30 AIR for a table setup (I think the air is for truly mobile applications).

There is a lot of information on here about setting up clean, cool, dry air. Search up compressor and read every thread. There are complicated & expensive ways, and more simple and economical setups. Either way, plenty of help on here so don’t hesitate to reach out (and you’ll have a compressor/air setup for other things besides plasma).

@fosterelli thanks. could you explain how you made the 30xp work? I know you have to splice into wires on the machine. was it difficult? does it void the warranty? do you use the hand or machine torch? would you be open to a phone call? if so pm me. thanks.

Not difficult if you’ve done some wiring before, nothing complicated. Splice/tap into the violet and orange wires inside the plasma cover for torch firing. The raw voltage wiring connects inside the cover too. There is no machine torch option (that I’m aware of) for the XP30.

I drilled a couple of holes in the case and used rubber grommets.

I’m pretty sure you aren’t voiding warranty as many users do this, but you’d have to confirm with Hypertherm. If I recall correctly someone on the forum verified it already, but if you’re worried I’d send an email to Hypertherm to get written confirmation. Mine is certainly out of warranty so I wasn’t concerned.

I’ll take some pictures for you later today of my plasma case inside and out so you can see where I connected.

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ok thanks. much appreciated.

Okay, here’s the pics.

Torch firing goes to the violet and orange wires shown in the picture that cross over the top of the unit.

Straight down from those is the black raw voltage lead (you’ll notice the yellow crimped connector on mine, where the nut is with the three other wires mounted).

And then on the other side, on the circuit board at the bottom, labeled LEAD (BLK) J22, you’ll see my red wire attached to the screw (also with the yellow crimped connector).

On the outside, you’ll see how they’re connected to the Langmuir box.


@fosterelli Thank you. That’s very helpful…not too difficult. I will get in touch with hypertherm tomorrow about warrenty.

Couple more questions:

#1 where do the two torch firing white wires exit the 30xp? On the other side from the black langmuir box? Where do they go? To the main crossfire control box on the table?

#2 you have your 30xp running with the standard hand torch correct? How do you find the cut quality? Is it possible to get the fine cut consumables for the 30xp hand torch? Apparently the fine cut stuff is really nice.

#3 What would you say is the max thickness the 30xp could do on aluminum and stainless?

From what I understand the 45xp is better because of the torch selection, consumable selection (fine cut stuff maybe not available for 30xp torch?), 45xp has CNC port , and lastly thickness capabilities.

BUT… the 45xp is quite a but more expensive then the 30xp , so if were just cutting fairly light, and can still have hypertherm quality then that’s the way to go.

There are two holes in my plasma box, below the Langmuir box. Top hole has the red & black wires, the bottom hole has the torch firing wires (the two white wires connected to the violet & orange wires inside the plasma turn into the single black cable before exiting the plasma box). Yes, the torch firing wires go to the main control box.

Yes, as far as I know the only option for the 30XP is the hand torch. Cuts great. I use both standard and fine cut consumables depending on what I’m doing (unit comes with both).

According to the charts, the 30XP is best suited for 3/8" and below. It can do thicker, up to 5/8" on mild steel (7ipm). Charts also show 1/2" on both stainless & aluminum (both at 9ipm). If you’re going to be cutting thicker than 3/8" on a regular basis, I’d certainly spring for the 45XP.

I’d recommend you visit Hypertherm’s website, a lot of your questions could be answered by spending the time comparing models and reading the manuals. Not that I’m not happy to help, but plasma model cutting specs, available options & accessories, comparisons, suitable applications, etc. are easily accessible online.

I’d also read the Langmuir assembly instructions, especially for the plasma & control box wiring. It shows the pictures of the cables, where they connect, etc.

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