Just finished my crossfire pro assembly

Hey guys and gals just completed my crossfire pro assembly and run break in program with success. Now on fence if I want to dedicate my titanium 45 cutter to table or buy the cut60 to dedicate to the table ? I am buying another cutter so I don’t have to swap from table to hand cutting want dedicated cutter to table. The titanium45 has been great for two years now with zero problems and I cut 1/2’ and 3/4" steel a lot with it.
Anybody with input on the cut60 plasma cutter?
And a shout out to Langmuir on your packaging and assembly instructions are great i had no damaged parts and no missing parts, the wait was worth it…


why not buy a machine torch or another torch so you have minimal swapping to do…but save on a whole new machine…that is what I did…works great

Let it be written, so let it be done.

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Hey toolboy, just the convenience of not having to swap things around. The cost isn’t a issue, I ordered the machine torch holder from Langmuir just looking into the cut60 plasma cutter personnel thoughts on it that owners have on the 60. thanks

I just love my CUT60 :heart_eyes:

Hey Cletus , have you had any interference between the cut 60 and electronics on table?

Not with the Langmuir controller. I however could not leave well enough alone, and built my own controller with THC and other mods and stupidly used a fiberglass enclosure, that’s when the interference issues started. I resolved it using sheets of brass shim-stock, grounded to a common point, to shield the electronics within the fiberglass enclosure and that solved the problem.

I’ve been using the cut60 with the original crossfire and now the pro. had some interference only when the cutter was close to the control box but once i moved the cutter on the opposite side of the table from the control box, haven’t had any issues.

Thank you guys for the feedback.

So it has been a while, did you go with the Cut 60 ? I have a Cut 60 I use for a hand cutter and ordered the Razorweld 45 with machine torch with my pro but now considering using that machine torch with the Cut 60 on the table and the RW45 as a hand held machine. thinking it will give me more thickness capabilities on the machine…?